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Healing Treatment

One to one

An in-depth body and mind healing treatment. A holistic bespoke approach from an energetic Reiki massage treatment, Crystal bowls sounds and unlocking stretches. I’m working on emotional and physical healing such as liberating blocked energy channels, pain relief and speeding up injury recovery, creating a restorative sleep pattern, balance emotional instabilities by decreasing negative feelings such as stress and anxiety.


During this bespoke treatment, the heart rate and blood pressure decrease, the breath becomes slower and this is where a deep healing can occur. Reiki techniques and acupressure are being performed along the energy pathways in the body, to encourage the free flow of energy. 

£250 / 90min

Chelsea Salon
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Group class (maximum 30 persons)

An intuitive guided meditation using Crystal Sound Healing Bowls. In this specific class the guided meditation will start with ten minutes of yoga postures to stretch the muscles, reach a profound breath, liberate tensions and locks in the body accumulated during the day. In Savasana, lying down comfortably facing up, finding stillness, the guided meditation begins using images and visualisations with a theme. 


Sound therapy has been a home remedy favoured by many cultures for thousands of years. It’s a therapeutic experience where you "bathe” in the vibrational sounds produced by the crystal bowls. Through these frequencies, your mind accesses a meditative and fully relaxed state. Healing mental health, stress, anxiety, improving deep sleep patterns. During a sound bathing sequence, the brainwave is altered from a normal waking state to a relaxed and restorative state. As the mind and body relax, the heart rate and blood pressure decrease and our breathing becomes deeper. It is in this state that deep healing can occur.

There is no need for any previous experience - only the capacity to listen. 

£45 / pers 60min

Lanesborough Hotel and Chelsea Yoga Studio

YogaDansé ™

Group class (maximum 30 persons)

Embodying the feminine energy with a flow combining Vinyasa Flow Yoga and  Dancing movements. This class is designed to:


  • Sculpt your entire body and core

  • Increase the cardiovascular system and reach a profound breath control

  • Help to move the body with freedom, liberate the mind of any obstacles to access calmness and mindfulness in harmony with the beat of the music

  • Coordinate movements, flexibility and mobility


The ending of the class is going to lead you to a meditative state. Raising your subconscious through images, visualisations and sound healing bowls.


There is no need for previous experience of any background for this class, just allowing you to immerse yourself with the power of movement. You are going to leave the class room feeling at your full potential!


Each weekly class works to serve the body and mind helping you to feel a holistic balance in harmony within yourself, and long lasting deep results through consistency.

£45 / pers 60min

South Kensington Yoga Studio

Online Private Session

One to one

Passionate about health & fitness I'm a big believer of showing up everyday in the world through an empowering workout. I’m devoted to training you, in the comfort of your own home space on a one-to-one online sequence. I apply a variety of techniques I learned through years of teaching Yoga, Pilates and Personal Trainer with a creative blend of strength and conditioning training. This bespoke approach of working out help my clients to maximise their:

  • Core strength as the foundation

  • Muscle endurance and strengthening building stamina

  • Sculpting and toning the muscles of the whole body -precision and hard work in execution of each exercises

  • Flexibility and mobility


Not one day of training is the same, due to the creativity in my workouts. All you need is your mat and some small equipments I'll ask you to have, depending on the objectives of your training.

£90 / 60min or £1000 x12

At your home



Solène has a warm energy and infectious smile make for a truly uplifting
and enjoyable experience in her yoga dance classes. I always feel my
best self after attending one of her classes, both physically and mentally.
Her instruction is clear and easy to follow, and she has a wonderful
ability to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere, which is perfect for
It’s also a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.
As I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful individuals and now
we make it a point to attend together every week. This sense of
community and friendship is just one of the many reasons why I highly
recommend Solène’s classes.

Overall, I can confidently say that Solène is an exceptional yoga and
dance instructor who truly cares about
her students wellbeing. If you’re looking for a class that will leave you
feeling refreshed, energized, and connected to others, then it’s definitely
worth giving it a try.

Patricia G.


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