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Learn how to balance your Sun and Moon inner channels.

HEALING - what does it mean to me? 

When you decide that you want to improve your mental, physical and emotional well-being, a blend of different practices will help. There is no size fits all solution.


Improving movement and posture through Yoga and Dance releases emotions, promotes balance and energy.


Meditation, breathing exercises, Reiki and massage treatments help unlock life force energy in the body.

Immersion of Sound and frequencies is a therapeutic technique that promotes deep relaxation and nervous system rebalancing.

Art therapy is an approach that integrates creativity and psychotherapeutic techniques to enhance well-being.

So healing for me is encapsulated in a personalised blend of these


About me

My name, Solène, means Sun and Moon. In Yoga the right hemisphere of the brain is referred to as the lunar channel. Symbolically represented by the moon, it’s the feminine aspect of energy known as Shakti. The left hemisphere of the brain is referred to as the solar channel, the Sun, and it’s the masculine energy travelling through Shiva. When both are spiralling flawlessly from the base of the spine to the crown of the head,
we experience a special alignment connecting us to our higher self. My position leads me to practice personal work daily in order to keep body and mind in equilibrium and to share this with others.
Raised in the countryside South of France, I moved alone to a brand new city at sixteen years old. I had a difficult childhood which shaped my personality and mental strength up to this day. When I felt overwhelmed I would go for extended runs, the music and dance therapy were my best allies... During this long personal development journey I managed to heal a damaged part of me. Since then, I decided to help others using the same specific techniques.

Holistic health and fitness has always been a priority as a way to have a high energy level in my life. My approach to wellness is nestled between emotional healing therapy and physical training. I’m devoted to elevate people using my past experience with a variety of qualification I gained over the last ten years. These include: Energetic/Reiki therapist, Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, Meditation with Sound Bowls, Pilates mat, Personal Trainer with a creative blend of strength work training, plus an in depth knowledge of nutrition.

I’m my own boss, entrepreneur and founder of my life, professionally and personally.




"I would like to send a thank you to Solene for a very creative way to do
yoga and dance together with graceful and elegant movements flowing
in the room. Love the choice of the music as well! Favourite class!"

Hélène M.

"Brilliant classes! I love the meditation bit with the sound bowls at the end! Thank you"

Kate L.

Professional and takes the time to listen. It seems like she works very intuitively to make a master piece. Highly recommend her!!

Bryan S.

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